Watonga Great Rat Race

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Watonga Great Rat Race

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Our History

Jon Hughes has been a public school teacher and coach at Elgin High School for 18 years. He is the Head Boys Cross Country and Track Coach. As part of his coaching duties, Jon has organized numerous 5K meets. After years of coordinating 5K races for both Elgin High School and local civic groups, Jon decided to start 5K-Fundraising as a way to help various school, civic, and charity groups raise funds by hosting 5K events. This family run business is made possible by the help of his beautiful wife Carrie and their two children Laurel and Jaxson.

Finish line for the Delta Sigma Firecracker Frenzy

Beautiful Night for a Run!

Watonga Great Rat Race

5k Results

From the moment you decide to host a 5K fundraiser, 5K Fundraising walks side by side with you through race day.

Whether your race is already established and needs a timing company or is brand new and as a race director you are overwhelmed, we are here to help!

Family Business

Jon Hughes, Owner (Dad)

Carrie Hughes, Owner's Boss (Mom)

Laurel Hughes,  

Jaxson Hughes